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Rajinder Puri is based in Delhi. You can contact him at


10 comments on “Contact Us

  1. Nice blog, Rajinder.
    Regards, Suby

  2. Musa Khan Jalalzai says:

    Dear Brother Rajinder Puri, I congratulate you for these new efforts and I will be consecutively contributing in your Blog. Good Bless you and I pray for you long life.

  3. siddhartha das says:

    i am regular reader of the statesman.i read your article on regular basis.your every article is thought provoking.i am in my early thirties and a strong BJP sympathizer , i want to ask a simple questain why u leave BJP.Vissionery like u is vary necessary to rectify them.

    • rajinderpuri says:

      I left BJP because I was expelled from the National Executive by President Atal Behari Vajpayee for breaking discipline when in fact it was LK Advani who broke the discipline. After wrongful expulsion from national Executive I quit the primary membership. All this was recorded in my correspondence with Vajpayee made public at time of my resignation from the party.

  4. Rajinder puri is my favorite read in The Stateman. I miss his cartoons. i would like to call on him if he permits and gives an appointment.

  5. Myself a loyal reader of The Statesman since my childhood. Please take some urgent steps to stem the erosion in readership. The Statesman’s fearless news writing style is necessary for character building of the nation’s young generation..

  6. Fali S. Nariman, Senior Advocate says:

    Dear Mr. Rajinder Puri,

    Under instructions from Mr. Fali S. Nariman, Senior Advocate, Supreme Court of India I am to request to you to please be good enough to send us your postal address, since Mr. Nariman read and very much liked your Article in this morning’s Statesman “Judicial Overreach” and has asked me to send on to you a copy of his just published book titled “The State of the Nation” – in the context of India’s Constitution.

    Many thanks and with regards,

    Yours sincerely,

    Vinod K. Anand
    Secretary to Mr. F.S. Nariman

  7. Myself Goutam Bagchi Executive Consultant of Questkon Consultancy Services & Business Services , I am residing in Malda Town, West Bengal ,India. I am an educated person and having 27 years sales & marketing experience in FMCG/Pharmaceuticals/OTC/ Cosmetics Products Sales and Franchisee and Channel Development in Various Company in India. Being the Executive consultant of Questkon Consultancy Services & Business Services I have develop various Blog,and channel on You Tube and also a member of organization & news paper & channel. Apart from that i am interested to write articles, journal and also interested to join in home based journalism and worked from home and generate my hand some income to promote my webpage .I am also member of . Kelly has the same problem that so many others do; the font is grey. It’s too light to read. I’m not 100 years old, or even close to half that, and I should be able to read other people’s blogs. Why can’t the default setting be black?I like the rajendrapuri worpress .com

  8. drsubrotoroy says:

    Rajinder, trying to contact you without success as the yahoo email does not seem to work and I have lost your phone number…Please email me Regards, Suby

  9. Dr. (Ms) Kakali Mukherjee says:

    Respected Mr. Rajinder Puri,
    I want to convey you a message that I am a Ph.D. in Metallurical Engg. and with successful R&D outcome in my career . from Nov.2000 to Apr.2014 I am attached with CSIR NML Jamshedpur with various designations with award – research scholar, research associate, jobs on contract in various national projects. Now my age is 43 yrs and my director is not giving any permanent job rather he evacuated me illigal way from the temporary attachment to the existing project. I conveyed to Office of PM , Shri N. Modi several times , but no action has been taken till now. I am helpless and in a poor condition without job. Please help me to publish the news in The Statesman so that necessary actions
    can be taken ASAP.

    Thanking you with regards,

    Kakali Mukherjee
    322, Sonari West Lay-out,
    Jamshedpur -831011.

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