Rajinder Puri passes away

NEW DELHI: The sheer power of a cartoonist’s pen in plain black and white form is scary in the art of simplicity.


Junior cartoonists were in awe of the mind and art Rajinder Puri generated. Senior cartoonists joked he wielded a dagger. That was him, the power of his mind, a combo of Vijayan, Abu, Ravi Shankar,

RK and Shankar, so beautifully amalgamated into a synchronized punch. Puri’s mind was pure because he had the anti-establishment mindset years before AAP, that was the power of his mind.

He was very audience conscious in the visual sense — never clutter art to respect the reader. His intellectual cartooning senses were forceful and his columns were equally cerebral and thought provoking. Never has a cartoonist wielded so much power in the pen for sheer impact. I studied his lines and said to myself. Never deviate from the power of the black and white line.

He taught us that cartooning is like a laser thin beam, the sharper it is the more incisive it is. His personalties, unlike Laxman, portrayed the other side devil ethos of leaders, perfect features, powerful metaphors and excellent rendering with the most advanced political mind much superior to columnists who could never illustrate their minds … which he did. That was his power — to write and illustrate your own verbiage.

God bless the souls of these wonderful entertainers and thinkers — Shankar, Abu, Mario, Laxman and Puri and scores of other darlings who left us with pure lines and ethos of humour, thought and introspection.

Courtesy :  ‘Times of India’


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